Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers

Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers

Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers have been a Kansas City staple for the last seventeen years... the current lineup may be the best yet.. all very experienced "old school" musicians of a unique blend and energy... a fiery Red-Head on vocals with some of the very top Kansas City players... we're not just Blues we're hi-energy Red-Headed Rhythm and Blues with table dancing original music along with great Blues covers... we've been tearing up casino's, Blues Festivals, Clubs and Private events all across the midwest... you don't want to miss this band...    


Connie Hawkins-Vocals

Steve Hawkins-Guitar-Vocals

Marc Laney-Drums

Jeff Ingram-saxophone

Chuck Payne-keyboards-vocals

Steve McBride-Bass-vocals




Connie Hawkins


From the age of four or five standing on a chair at a local radio station in order to reach the microphone... Connie has always been a singer... until seventeen years ago her entire singing career was in church and on stages with nationally known Gospel greats... when people would refer to her they would always say... "You know... that red-headed white girl that sounds black".. and it was true. So when the kids were grown and at the urging of her husband Steve... she decided to jump into the Blues feet first... turns out it was a natural thing.... her Blues influences did not come as much from other female artists but more from her favorite male artist... Luther Allison... she's really come into her own in the last few years... take a listen and see if you don't agree...

Steve Hawkins


Steve received his first guitar from his parents at the age of eleven... it was a "Silvertone" acoustic from Sears... it just about took two hands to press the strings down on the frets... because he had taught himself how to play lead... two years later at thirteen he was asked to join the one and only dance band in his small town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma... all of the other band members were in high school and college... from there he went on to play in clubs starting at fifteen.... a few more years went by and he was ask to join one of the top regional rock bands "Rock Bottom" out of Ft Smith, Arkansas and opened for several national acts..

About twenty years ago he finally found what he was looking for musically in the Blues... early rock and R & B influences now started to meld with BB, Albert and Freddy King... he likes to write material that makes people "get up and move"... 

Marc Laney


Marc is a well established local talent who has played with many Kansas City greats such as... Ida McBeth, Dan Doran, Hal Melia and Bobby Watson...  Keith Mitchell-Dennis Laffoon-BillGuffey of Shooting Star... Max Groove, Mama Ray and Rich VanZant... Greg Meise, Kevin Mahogany, Jay EuDaly, King Alex, Linda Shell and Alaska Gary Sloan...

He has also appeared in numerous Kansas City festivals as well as concert venues such as the Uptown Theatre, Municipal Auditorium, the Grand Emporium, the Blue Room, and Knuckleheads...  His versatility and ability to morph into virtually any musical style is his strong suite... Just don't ask him to twirl his sticks...

Jeff Ingram


Jeff was born and raised in the Denver area, and has lived there since his birth.  He started playing the Tenor Sax at 10 years old, joined a big band, and by the age of 13 had played every prison in the Denver metro area. This had a big influence on his perspective of life and the direction he wanted to pursue.  After graduation from the University of Denver, he taught in the public schools for 32 years, teaching all levels of instrumental music.

Jeff has always been a active musician playing everything from classical, big band, jazz, rock, blues, Latino, and folk music.  He studied composition and has written countless arrangements for small jazz and rock groups, big bands, and string ensembles. Currently his 'axes' are all the saxophones, flute, clarinet, and penny whistle... He recently relocated to Kansas City and has been busy exploring the city and meeting the musicians that reside here. 




Chuck Payne


 I was born a poor white child.......mmmm.....started playing in 1964---first band won a battle of the bands(1965) contest on WHB  .. Johnny Dolan DJ----won the best Blues band in KC in 2001 & went to the IBC/international Blues contest down to the semi-finals----played with several national & international blues acts like Danelle Nicole & frank Ace---played country for a few years with Nashville recording artist Tom Dryer & Pokerface---Did time with  other Kc greats Cotton Candy -Buck Brown-- Lester "Wizard King" Linda Shell & Blues Thang---too mention a few----in the early 70*s the first horn band" McFunk " and PlatinumExpress band today---had the opportunity to back a few greats that came into KC---Bruce Conte from Tower of Power fame & blues artist Chick Willis to name a few

Steve McBride


Our newest member... Steve McBride