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I usually play a strat.. I have two that I really like.. my longtime Seuf that Dave Seuferling built for me... alder with a big neck.. Brazillion Rosewood board with Ron Ellis pickups..

My other guy is a Don Grosh swamp Ash.. Brazillian Rosewood board with Lindy Fralin Blues specials neck and middle and his 42 Lead pickup

That being said I bought a used Tele partscaster (Silver Sparkle)with a huge neck.. Swamp Ash.. Rosewood board.. Peter Florance pickups... it's starting to get played a lot lately... :) 


I'm currently using vintage Fender amps of various sizes... my go to pedal is a Bearfoot FX Model H 4K... it's a Hiwatt type pedal but I find it works really well for single coil Blues