Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers


Peter Blewzzman Lauro's quote from the review of "Wired Up and Fired Up" 

"Connie's on top of her game singing with a sassitude as best as I've heard and hubby Steve's killing it on the guitar"

KCBS Blues News

"Kansas City Veterans Connie Hawkins and the BluesWreckers come out strong with a set of ten tunes that emphasize their versatility and expertise in singing, talent, and songwriting"

Jimmie Bratcher

Steve's guitar and Connie's vocal are both "RED HOT"


Bman's Blues Report

"Not a standard blues release...  one that should catch it's share of listeners with a bend toward radio play"


Bike Blues and BBQ

"Man, I'm pumped about you guys being here...  I love the CD that you sent; I play it considerably..."

KCOR Radio

Dutchie DJ John van Lent from the Living Room Blues show on KCOR radio... "Thanks for sending me "Crying in the Rain"... I'm going to make it CD of the week"